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Amazon has resumed its popular monthly Prime subscription service in India. Earlier this year, it was removed after the new guidelines of the Reserve of India required the implementation of additional identity verification (AFA) to handle repetitive online transactions. So far, Amazon only provides three-month and one-year Prime subscriptions, but monthly Rs. The 129 Prime subscription plan is now available on the company’s website. Of course, there are some caveats to monthly subscriptions, and they cannot be purchased electronically.

The e-commerce giant now lists three subscription options for Prime members. The price of the plan is Rs. 999, and the discounted price of the three-month plan is Rs. 329 instead of Rs. 387. These two plans can be purchased from the Amazon website through all electronic means. rupee. Amazon also lists a monthly Prime subscription plan of 129, but it can only be purchased by credit card or debit card of choice.

Amazon’s terms and conditions page says Rs. The 129-month Prime membership can only be purchased through banks that comply with the Reserve of India’s electronic guidelines. All banks that fail to comply with the may not be able to process any automatic payment requests. For those who don’t know, the new rules require the implementation of additional identity verification (AFA) factors to handle repetitive online transactions.

Due to the new RBI guidelines, Amazon also suspended new member registrations for the Amazon Prime free trial until further notice. This change is still valid.

The new RBI mission requires banks to deploy a one-time AFA for recurring transactions worth up to Rs. 5,000. Transactions above this cut-off time will require AFA for each payment. The new guidelines were first introduced in 2019 to prevent consumers from making unnecessary and recurring payments on their cards. After several delays, this framework finally came into effect on October 1.

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