amazon is reportedly deleting some third party listings that jack up surgical mask prices as the coronavirus creates a shortage
Amazon warehouse
  • The outbreak of the coronavirus has caused a shortage of protective masks and medical supplies, leading some sellers to significantly increase prices.
  • has been trying to stop practices on its platform, warning sellers that may violate its pricing policies. wired.
  • Most US states have "price fraud" laws that prevent businesses from taking advantage of consumers by charging high fees in emergency situations.
  • Authorities such as China with Italy Complaints about price fraud have also been received since the outbreak, and Amazon Faced similar challenges before.
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As people around the world try to protect themselves from Wuhan Coronavirus, Wuhan Coronavirus has now Claimed 2,700 lives and infected 80,000 othersThe surge in demand for medical supplies. As a result, the price of products such as surgical masks has jumped to several times the usual price. Facebook to Craigslist.

However, Amazon has reportedly been cracking down on potential price fraud on its platform. wired. The report states that third-party sellers have received an email from Amazon warning them about "non-compliant" masks. The company's fair pricing policy, Which prohibits sellers from charging fees that are "significantly higher or lower than the latest prices offered by Amazon."

"Wired" also that some of the products advertising overpriced masks have been removed from Amazon, while noting that price fraud has been heatedly debated on Amazon. Amazon Seller Forum.

Most U.S. states have laws prohibiting fundraising Overpriced in emergencies Such as natural disasters to prevent businesses from using people who need basic knowledge such as , gas and shelter. However, some experts believe that such laws can sometimes be counterproductive by encouraging people to accumulate food.

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Chinese officials have received at least 274 complaints about price fraud and ho productAccording to Reuters. In Italy, compared with other European countries, it has been harder by a corona virus outbreak, Authorities have launched an investigation According to Reuters, surgical masks are expensive.

This is not a precedent for Amazon. Amazon is under criticism after Hurricane Elma in 2017 Customers report sharp price increases, At the time it said it would begin taking action on suppliers.

Unable to contact Amazon immediately for comment.

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