The 2021 Amazon Great India Festival is now live, but only for Amazon Prime subscribers. At midnight on October 2nd, the promotion will start on Friday night and will be open to all shoppers from October 3rd (ie, 24 hours later). In to other features and services bundled with Amazon, Prime members can also enjoy additional benefits and discounts during the promotion period. In this year’s Amazon India Festival promotion, from smart phones, tablets and laptops to electronic products such as refrigerators and microwave ovens, as well as TVs and smart home products, there are a large number of discounts, discounts and concessions. Such as sweeping robots.

Earlier, Amazon had already released the forecast of expected deals and offers, and now we can see that there are many deals on the website.

One of the highlights of this year’s Amazon India Festival promotion is Apple AirPods Pro. The price of AirPods Pro is Rs. 24,900, but the price is very attractive. 16,990 as part of Amazon sales.

On the other hand, the price of Redmi 2C TWS earplugs is lower than Rs. At a price of 1,000, if you want to get a good set of TWS headphones burning a hole in your pocket, then it is a good choice.

Between the two, there are a series of selected products from companies such as OnePlus, Realme and Samsung to choose from.

There are also some big deals for smartphones and other electronic products. Among other things, you can now get great deals on some of the most popular mobile phones. Discounts for the OnePlus 9 series can reach up to Rs. At 10,000, the OnePlus 9R starts at the lowest price in the series, which is only Rs. 36,999.

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You can also buy the iPhone 11 at roughly the same price-it is discounted to Rs. 38,999, opposed to Rs’ MRP. 54,00, the normal selling price is Rs. 44,999. For people who have always wanted to buy an iPhone but delayed the purchase because of their budget, this is actually a very cost-effective deal, and the life cycle of Apple phones is very long, so you can get a good value from this purchase.

There are also discounts on TVs and appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and microwaves. Other consumer electronic products such as laptops have also received some discounts.

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