BlackBerry and announced on Tuesday that they have formed an alliance to jointly create a cloud computing . Cars can link to the platform to obtain services and insights based on vehicle and user data.

The plan for an intelligent vehicle data platform ( ) is rumored that the vehicle uses technology to synchronize the car to computing on Amazon Web Services, which caused the Canadian company’s stock price to rise by more than 50% to nearly $9 .

BlackBerry CEO John Chen said in a joint statement: “BlackBerry and AWS share a common vision to provide automakers and developers with better insights so that they can provide new services to consumers.”

IVY aims to be a cloud-connected software platform that any car manufacturer can use to analyze sensor data in real time and provide useful information to drivers.

The two companies pointed out that modern cars and trucks consist of thousands of parts from many suppliers, usually involving proprietary hardware and software.

The vision is to enable the platform to quickly understand all the data of the driver, while also acting as a platform for other applications or services provided by developers.

In a report to investors, Trip Chowdhry, an analyst at Global Equity Research, said that automakers have “almost zero software skills” and IVY is expected to become a safe and cost-effective platform for them to leverage cloud computing capabilities.

Amazon said the jointly operated software will run on car or truck systems, but will be managed remotely from the cloud.

Examples of potential capabilities include IVY detecting dangerous road conditions (such as snow or ice or heavy traffic) and prompting the driver to take safety measures.

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The two companies said that electric vehicle drivers can share battery information with charging networks to reserve charging slots along the way, while parents can obtain sensor data about their teenagers’ driving conditions.

AWS CEO Andy Jassy said: “AWS and BlackBerry make it possible for any automaker to continuously reshape the customer experience and transform the vehicle from a fixed technology to a system that can grow and adapt to user needs and preferences. .”

Since the touch screen phone powered by Apple or Android software won the championship in the mobile phone market more than a decade ago, BlackBerry has turned its attention to software and services.

The BlackBerry keyboard will remain in the new 5G smartphones scheduled to be released from OnwardMobility in Texas next year.

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