Alpine also introduced updated touchscreen consoles in 7-, 9- and 11-inch sizes.

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Alpine has launched its new flagship sound system in India, priced around Rs 30 lakh. The new Alpine F#1 Status system is said to be the first on the market to offer full-spec HD audio, delivering 384kHz/32-bit playback. Alpine says the system is only available as a complete kit and components are not available individually. A low-spec Alpine Status unit with lower quality HD audio (192kHz/24-bit) has also been launched, priced at around Rs 8 lakh. Unlike the F#1 Status, which has its own separate mainframe and is only available as a complete kit, the low-spec Status can be integrated with existing OEM and aftermarket mainframes, and components are also available separately.


Flagship Alpine F#1 Status Audio system installed in the car.

The F#1 Status features a unique master clock management system with a crystal oscillator placed in a temperature-controlled chamber. The system also features a 64-bit quad-core processor clocked at 1 Ghz to ensure optimal sound quality at all times. Meanwhile, the speakers and tweeters are made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic to provide a uniform sound. The system offers a dedicated 1-DIN system and is not compatible with OEM or other aftermarket head units, although the company says it can be installed with OEM units. The system is only available through Alpine franchises.


The Alpine F#1 Status Audio system will set you back about Rs 3 lakh.

A brief preview of the system in the show car showed clear audio with little distortion in the bass, even with the trunk lid open.


A low specification Alpine Status unit with lower quality HD audio (192kHz/24bit) is priced around Rs 8 lakh.

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The lower-spec Status unit uses a simpler crystal oscillator clock generator and lower-spec amplifier, while also using carbon fiber-built speakers and tweeters for more uniform audio.


. New 7″, 9″ and 11″ head units support HD sound output and wireless Apple CarPlay support.


The company also introduced a range of new touchscreens in the familiar 7-, 9- and 11-inch sizes offered so far. The new head unit has been upgraded to support HD sound output, wireless Apple CarPlay support, and an HD display.

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