The of 5 in India was announced over the weekend, but the company did not share information about availability. On the other hand, the pricing of Series X and Series S was announced in early September. Sony and Microsoft’s two consoles have at least the same price on high-end models. However, although the main difference between the two PS5 models is that there is no optical disc drive in the PS5 digital version, Microsoft has taken a different approach, and the Xbox Series S is not as powerful as Serie X.

Sony that the PlayStation 5 is priced at Rs. The regular version is priced at Rs 49,990. Digital version 39,990 (without optical drive). In the United States, the price of the regular version is US$499.99 (approximately Rs 36,700), and the price of the digital version is US$399.99 (approximately Rs 29,400). On the other hand, Microsoft priced the Xbox Series X at Rs. The price of 49,990 and Xbox Series S is Rs. 34,990. In the US, Xbox Series X is priced at US$499 (approximately Rs 36,600), while the price of Series S is US$299 (approximately Rs 22,000).

comfort India price
PlayStation 5 Rs 49,990
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Rs 39,990
Xbox Series X Rs 49,990
Xbox Series S Rs 34,990

For PlayStation 5, the two consoles share the same specifications, the only difference is that there is no optical drive in the digital version, and the design has been slightly changed. However, Microsoft decided to take a different approach because Xbox Series S is a simplified version of Xbox Series X. Not only does it have a smaller size than the Xbox Series X, but it also supports up to 1440p. The X series targets 4K resolution. It has lower RAM, half the storage space and lower memory bandwidth.

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Sony also announced the prices of PlayStation 5 accessories, including the new DualSense controller-Rs. 5,990, HD – Rs. 5,190, Pulse 3D wireless headset – Rs. 8,590, media remote – Rs. 2,590 and DualSense charging station – Rs. 2,590.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are available for pre-order in the country and will be launched in India on November 10. In contrast, the PlayStation 5 console is expected to be released in India on November 19 after its debut in some regions. The region is on November 10.

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