After all, analysts who had predicted that the of T- and would take place in April were right after all. of The new T-Mobile is a fact, Will eventually become a strong rival of the two giants and AT &; T.

T-Mobile will now not only have the best of all spectrum vocabulary, but also the advantages of the 5G revolution, as it will have three network arrows-low, mid and high frequency bands-in its 5G throbbing.

Can I keep the Sprint 5G rate plan after the T-Mobile merger?

The short answer is that you can keep your current cheap Sprint plan and take advantage of new 5G network capabilities after merging with T-Mobile.

Due to its disadvantaged position, Sprint has had the best plan promotion for several years, including unlimited home plans for $ 20 per line. Those subscribers will now get unexpected benefits after the merger.

The price of 5G plans for T-Mobile customers will not change either!

Un-carrier uses a radio broadcast to explain, for example, that its own subscribers do not have to do jacks to take advantage of the rare locations covered by Sprint, but T-Mobile does not.
  • Currently, all customers will use the same Sprint and T-Mobile networks, and services they have been using.
  • Behind the scenes, the team is working to bring all this together to create a stunning experience for the new T-Mobile customers.
  • Over time, you will see more benefits as T-Mobile strengthens its network and delivers on its promise to offer our customers the same or better rate plans.
  • So far, you will still get the benefits and customer service that T-Mobile get.

What about T-Mobile and Sprint stores and brands?

After the merger, here is the scoop on Sprint and T-Mobile brand or retail locations:

T-Mobile and Sprint merger may create the best 5G network in the U.S.

Un-carrier lists the combined of the combined T-Mobile and Sprint 5G network maps:

  • High capacity! In the next six years, the capacity will be 14 times that of T-Mobile alone-which means that it will perform better in streaming, gaming, downloading and more.
  • Crazy speed! In just a few years, customers will get an average 5G speed, which will be eight times faster than current LTE and 15 times faster in the next six years.
  • Reached almost everyone! Within six years, the new T-Mobile will provide 5G services to 99% of the US population, including the American countryside.
  • The new T-Mobile goal is to create the best network for everyone.

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