Al Jazeera, a pan-Arabic network, said that it has been subjected to hacking attacks in recent days, cyber attacks on Qatar’s flagship broadcasting company have been resisted.

Al Jazeera said in a statement that from Saturday to Tuesday, Al Jazeera’s and platform experienced “continuous electronic attacks aimed at accessing, sabotaging and controlling certain news platforms.”

“Al Jazeera’s service providers are able to monitor and defend against all hacker attacks and prevent them from achieving their goals,” it said in a statement later on Wednesday.

It said that the peak of the attack occurred on Sunday, and a documentary described on Al Jazeera’s Arab YouTube channel detailed indirect negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, including allegedly an Israeli defender. Audio recordings of prisoners held in Gaza.

When Reuters contacted Al Jazeera earlier on Thursday, Al Jazeera had no immediate further comment.

The Qatar-sponsored channel’s coverage of Middle Eastern politics was viewed by many in the region as inflammatory and was one of the factors that led the four Arab countries to boycott Qatar in 2017.

Before the embargo, after the Qatar national news agency QNA was hacked, Al Jazeera fought a large-scale cyber attack.

Saudi Arabia and its allies announced in January last year that the quarrel between the boycotting countries accusing Qatar of supporting terrorism had ended, but Saudi Arabia denied this accusation.

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