After a problem occurs, will replace the for free. The tech giant has confirmed that a small number of AirPods Pro units may be faulty and may experience audio issues. It is said that these affected were manufactured before October 2020, which means that all AirPods Pro devices were sold last year and before this year. Apple has launched a specific service plan for these affected users, in which earplugs will be provided or replaced for free (whichever is applicable).

Apple has published a dedicated on its support website, announcing a new program specifically for AirPods Pro. This procedure covers the affected AirPods Pro two years after the first retail. It is applicable worldwide, but does not apply to the standard warranty coverage of earplugs. The service program will make the AirPods Pro device emit harsh or static sounds. According to reports, these sounds are especially increased in noisy environments, during exercise or during calls.

In addition, the affected AirPods Pro units may experience active noise reduction malfunctions. It may lose bass or increase background sounds, such as street or airplane noise. These affected AirPods Pro units will be repaired free of charge. If it needs to be replaced, it will also be done for free.

Apple pointed out that the AirPods Pro case is not affected and is not in this procedure. If you encounter any of the above , the technology giant recommends that users go to an Apple authorized service provider, make an appointment at an Apple retail or contact Apple support. Before providing any services, AirPods Pro will be checked to verify whether it meets the conditions of this plan. After the technician confirms the problem, the AirPods Pro will be replaced. Apple pointed out that there are no other AirPods in the program.

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