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With the development of new coronaviruses worldwide, have responded to travel restrictions and declining demand by cancelling flights, parking fleets and closing terminals.

However, on Monday afternoon, Delta Air Lines said it would return an unknown number of airliners to the air and fly from 13 US airports to 70 overseas destinations. However, Delta did not sell any tickets for these aircraft. Instead, they will be operated by Delta's division with charter services to cater to anyone who needs to move packages or pallets.

By using jets equipped with manned items, Delta Air Lines Korean Air's leadership And Singapore ’s budget airline Scoot. Others may follow. Representatives from British Airways and Cathay Pacific said They are considering a similar move. This may be reminiscent of the sculpted image of a ghost aircraft in the air, but it is a product of nature. Coronavirus disease Pandemic.

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Air travel has increased in the past few weeks. According to the International Air Transport Association, airlines worldwide have cancelled more than 185,000 flights since the end of January. Cuts continue. Lufthansa, Air France and KLM will all reduce capacity by up to 90%. Delta announced that it will reduce its total production capacity by approximately 40%. Compared to the same period last year, American Airlines reduced its international flights by 75% between mid-March and May. The outlook is so grim that the U.S. aviation industry has already Requests over $ 50 billion In federal aid.

The problem is that these planes carry more people than they have, And its bacteria. They also usually carry some cargo, which is an easy way for airlines to turn idle rooms into a source of income. Neel Jones Shah, who heads Flexport's air cargo business, said that in Asia, passenger aircraft account for about 45% of air cargo capacity. On transatlantic routes, they provide 80% of the cost. Passenger flights between the U.S. and Europe [including the UK and Ireland, as of this weekend] JodozoThat capacity has disappeared.

Compared to typical rates, this is done by dedicated freighters alone, and shipping costs have almost doubled. At this time of the year, shipping your stuff from Shanghai to Chicago typically costs $ 3 to $ 3.50 per kilo. "They are now well over $ 6," Shah said. Shipping times have also roughly doubled as more goods have to wait for their turn. Sha said the flight from Hong Kong to Chicago usually took three to five days. Now, it's about five to eight days.

The of production capacity is the fact that the United States and Europe are under blockade, while Chinese factories are increasing output, while Chinese factories' capacity in January and February dropped to 15%. The initial decline has kept companies' inventory down. Nowadays, companies that usually obtain goods by shipping are in urgent need of replenishment and can't wait to get to the cheaper and slower estuaries. "A lot of our customers have carried out the first air freight in the past few weeks."

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What is a coronavirus?

J: How do I avoid being caught? Is Covid-19 more deadly than the flu? Our internal know-how will answer your questions.

For most of the year, the aircraft needs to be converted from a person carrier to a pallet carrier, Work includes Pull out seats, galleys and bathrooms, rebuild the fuselage with larger cargo doors, reinforce the floor to take extra weight, and more. In addition, Shah said that long ago, as Amazon expanded its fleet, Amazon had already booked most of the upcoming flights with companies that did the job. But planes that did not fly until a few days ago [presumably at some point again] have enough capacity. A Boeing 777-200 with a capacity of 332 can carry about 44,000 pounds, while the freighter version can carry 125,000 pounds.

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