Joe is recruiting a group of national security experienced veterans with deep cyber expertise to get former defense officials when the US government is trying to recover from the largest hacking attack in its Russian espionage And praise from investigators.

Susanna Spadin, director of the “Institutions for Defence of Democracy” at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said: “It is great to see the new government’s emphasis on the Internet.”

Under the leadership of the administration, cyber security has been downgraded to a area. After Donald Trump’s defeat in the November 3 election, it terminated its cybersecurity coordinator position in the White House, reduced the State Department’s cyber diplomacy department, and fired federal cybersecurity leader Chris K. Rebs (Chris Krebs).

The hacking incident was published in December and attacked eight federal agencies and multiple companies, including software provider and the US intelligence agency publicly attributed it to Russian state actors. Moscow denied participating in the hacking.

Mark Montgomery, a former congressional worker, said that under the recent law, Biden must open a network-centric office and report to the new national network director, who will coordinate the federal government’s strong network capabilities.

According to four people familiar with the selection process, the main candidate for the network director is former National Security Agency senior official Jan Eastley.

Eastly, currently the head of resilience at Morgan Stanley, held a number of senior intelligence positions in the Obama administration and helped create the US Cyber ​​Command, the highest cyber warfare agency in the United States.

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Dongfeng did not respond to a request for comment.

president Tom Burt said in a statement that the Biden administration “has appointed -class cybersecurity experts to leadership positions.”

A former official who asked not to be named and an industry analyst said that some observers worry that the experience of collective organizations is almost entirely in the public sector. This distinction is important because the vast majority of the US Internet infrastructure is owned and operated by US companies.

Amit Yoran, former director of cybersecurity at DHS, said: “Finding a good balance between government and business experience is critical to success.” He is now the CEO of security company Tenable Inc.

According to four people familiar with the matter, in order to replace Krebs in the Department of Homeland Security, Biden plans to nominate Rob Silvers, who had served in the Obama administration, as the director of the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency. Silvers declined to comment for this article.

Biden’s National Security Council is a subsidiary of the White House and is responsible for guiding the government’s security priorities. It includes five experienced cyber security officials.

The most hired person is Anne Neuberger, a senior official of the National Security Agency, who is the deputy national security adviser for Internet and Emerging Technologies. This is a new position that aims to promote topics from within.

“The United States is not yet fully prepared for the security threats of the 21st century-establishing DNSA and prioritizing the network and emerging technologies on the NSC shows that the Biden administration will take these challenges seriously,” said Phil, CEO of the network. Reiner said. Institute of Security Technology.

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After leading the cyber defense department of the spy agency, Neuberger became one of the most notable figures in the NSA in recent years, earning praise for promptly reminding the company of hacking techniques used in other countries.

The other four employees are Michael Sulmeyer as the senior director of network, Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall as the homeland security consultant, Russ Travers as the deputy homeland security consultant, and Caitlin Durkovich as the senior director of NSC response and response.

Previously, all four of them had served in senior national security positions in charge of cybersecurity.

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