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@Antimatter In this case, “game player girl” refers a female live broadcaster (a person who uses stereotyped sex appeal to earn income through donations).

@Cool_Squirtle People who usually baptize women money/gifts in an online environment, people who pursue women in a very creepy way.

@jump I agree, I absolutely like the kind of game he describes, but I like all of genres/themes, don’t be slum female players

It is interesting see that the developers pretend that the game has made a deep comment on the conditions that the female anchor must face. This is obviously a of night traps and has a low attraction to FMV (it does not matter).

The game is indeed very insensitive and deaf, but I don’t think it is a problem-it is it. You can’t be about such things.

When I saw complaints about “SJW” and “Cancel Culture” here, it is not surprising that there are many comments


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