T Mobile has fresh deals in the pipeline to celebrate its 5G evolution after Sprints imminent death

Although it is so big It turns out that the “non-carrier” announcement that made fun earlier this week was Completely independent of T-Mobile’ ongoing Sprint integration and 5G network development work, CEO Mike Sievert “pre-announced” some important content in this regard earlier today.

which is We are now determined that the Sprint brand will be effectively terminated on August 2 Rumors that started three months ago seemed very reliable from the beginning. By then, the third and fourth largest wireless service providers in the United States will concentrate their resources T-Mobile’ umbrella, which means that “most traditional Sprint stores” will be underway through “magenta paint and new transactions” .”
Naturally, the latter part sounds more interesting than changing the color, but Sprint customers must wait until some time “next week” to view T-Mo’s “new, aggressive offers” in order to induce everyone to insist on using “unified” mobile network operators.
Of course, August 2 is internally to as the “first day” of the T-Mobile/Sprint merger, April 1 is considered “Day 0”, and the next important stage of the unification process is reportedly scheduled for 2021. In other words, Sprint’ 4G LTE signal will certainly not be shut down next month. T-Mo will continue to try to transfer customers to the merged, greatly improved aircraft carrier, which will last for many months.
At the same time, it may take T-Mobile several years to fully realize its dream of “second to none” 5G network, the level of competition in terms of coverage and speed, and “better compete” in price, so although this is undoubtedly Very important, August 2 should not be regarded as the day of T-Mobile settlement All merged issues.

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