According to reports, 14 users have encountered a vulnerability that resets email and browser application settings after a third- application is upgraded. Apple recently fixed a bug that resets the default mail and browser application settings to Mail and Safari after each restart. Now, a new error has been discovered that essentially performs a similar reset after the default mail or browser application you manually selected was updated. According to reports, this bug is prevalent in the recently iOS 14.1 update, and Apple should fix it in the next software version. After each update to Gmail or Outlook or any other mail application that you may have manually set as the default, the error resets the default mail application to Apple’s Mail application.

Twitter user David Clarke Published The shows the performance of the bug on his phone. He said that every time an email or browser app is updated on iOS 14, it will be reset to default settings. The video shows that when he updates the Gmail app (the default mail app he chose on iOS 14), the settings will be reset. He claims that the same happens with the default browser application settings. This is quite inconvenient, and is likely to be a bug that Apple can easily fix. Edge reports that even after installing the recently released iOS 14.1 update, the error still exists.​​​

Apple should probably use the iOS 14.2 update, which is still in beta, to fix it. Previously, iOS 14 error reset Mail and Safari to the default mail and browser apps after restarting. This bug affects iPad and iPhone users and has been fixed in the iOS 14.0.1 update released a few days after the bug was reported.

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As for iOS 14.1, released yesterday, this update support for 10-bit HDR video playback and editing in the “Photos” app of iPhone 8 and higher models. This update also resolves the following issue: The email in the message is sent through an incorrect alias and prevents incoming calls from displaying zone information.

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