Best budget and affordable phones in 2020 a buyers guide

In terms of technology, some people think that spending crazy money on gadgets that have grown old in just a few years is not reasonable. However, these people still want a full smartphone experience, camera, apps and speed. Are there phones that meet all of these conditions?

The good news is that as new products are introduced, the answer is yes. Now, our phones are cheap and not completely destroyed by terrible problems-these cheap phones are not seriously behind, they have good cameras, some of them even have very flattering designs.

But which one are they? We chose the best affordable phones, which are affordable and not "cheap" in any awkward way.

Best budget , summary list:

Phones under $ 350:

Phones under $ 250:

Under $ 350

Google Pixel 3a

The first budget Pixel phone was designed to bring Google's computational photography capabilities at an affordable price. It fulfilled that promise. Camera comparison shows little difference in photos taken from Pixel 3a And products on the Pixel 3. Although the official price of the Pixel 3a is $ 399, it can usually be found in Google's own store for less than $ 350. 3a provides a true Pixel experience, which is a bit slower than the flagship, but overall you still get the perfect packaging. In addition, this phone may only get better with future software updates from Google. If you are looking for the best cheap camera phone, this is what you need.

A50 / A70

Samsung Galaxy A50 The A70 and A70 now have successors in front of the A51 and A71, but these phones are still difficult to find in the United States. Until then, the Galaxy A50 and A70 remained Samsung's best cheap phones. They strike the best balance between price and functionality.

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The main difference between the two is the screen size and capacity: both are larger on the A70 model, but for all other two they have almost the same experience, starting with the Samsung One UI interface to the camera, Both have beautiful AMOLED displays. Samsung is almost the only brand capable of equipping OLED displays on cheap phones because it is the brand that makes OLED displays.

In addition, these phones are also reliable phones with amazing battery life and will provide you with good service in the long run, just don't expect flagship cameras or perfect smooth performance.

Nokia 7.2

Nokia, or rather HMD Global, has also strengthened its games and some very sturdy devices at cheap prices. The best example is Nokia 7.2. It is part of the Android One program, which means there are no third-party applications or skins and fast software updates. However, you don't get Google's camera app, although Nokia 7.2 has the tools to meet most photography needs within reasonable expectations. It comes with 128GB of basic storage, which is awesome for this price segment.
Cheaper if you are looking for a cheaper second phone, or for someone who doesn't spend much using a phone Nokia 6.2 It is also a valuable .

Moto G8 Plus

The Moto G series has been one of our favorite budget models for many years, Moto G8 The plus sign is no exception. The phone follows the basic requirements of this line: reasonable price specifications, clean software and a good enough camera. With the G8, the camera department is the main upgrade area. There is now a 48MP main sensor paired with an ultra-wide-angle camera and a depth sensor. However, ultrawide lenses are only used for action video, which is an interesting warning for phones. However, you can indeed shoot landscape videos while holding your phone vertically, like Motorola One Action, so it's almost like you're merging two phones into one.

Despite these extra features, the quality of the photos is still not comparable to the Pixel 3A, but the Moto G8 Plus is still one of the best budget smartphones.

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Under $ 250

Moto G7 power supply

Moto G8 Power has been released but is not yet available. Until then, if you are looking for a cheap phone with longer battery life, then the G7 Power will be your best choice. It's a slightly downgraded version of the Moto G7, with a focus on battery life. Unless you are an overweight smartphone user, the huge 5,000mAh battery will easily get you through two days. On the downside, it also makes the device a little thicker, but at least you know the extra volume. The rest is very similar to other Moto G7 models. A clean user interface and camera will not bother you, but will do a good job when needed.

Galaxy A20e

If you want, A20e is where you are going true Want to save money. At this price point, even Samsung phones are not equipped with OLED displays. Still looks good, even someone calls it cute, especially the pink variant. Despite its price, it still has two cameras, a standard camera and an ultra-wide-angle camera, but don't expect them to bring any photography wonders. The 5.8-inch screen is small for today's standards, and coupled with its low price, makes Galaxy A20e The best smartphone for your child. You still get 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, which is far from ideal, but the overall packaging provided by the A20e makes it the best low budget phone.

Nokia 4.2

Nokia 4.2 is a close competitor to the Galaxy A20e, but there are some noticeable . First, Nokia is losing its ultra-wide-angle camera and replacing it with a useful depth sensor. We suspect you will buy a phone at this price to take the best portrait photos. But more importantly, Nokia 4.2 is part of the Android One program. This should lead to better software support. Samsung is not known for its timely software updates, especially at the lower end of the product line.

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Despite adopting the 400 series Snapdragon chip, Nokia 4.2 should still be able to provide a good user experience, and in terms of price, you should not expect higher than this.