Photoshop finally got the because the company has begun to release versions of macOS and Windows. Early versions of Photoshop for Silicon will provide many core Photoshop features that can be used by devices supported by Cupertino’s new M1 chip, such as the MacBook Pro 13-inch, MacBook Air and Mac mini. It will also be used with a Pro X model with at least 8GB RAM, and the Windows 10 internal version is 19041.488.

This will be the first beta version of Photoshop running natively on Apple Silicon and Windows ARM devices. Beta software has not yet received official from Adobe. On this version of Photoshop, macOS and Windows do not yet provide many features, but Adobe said they will be added soon.

For MacOS and Windows, this Beta version does not include Camera Raw, repair brush, focus area, automatic layer mixing, patch tool, anti-shake and other functions. Importing from Lightroom Photos via the home screen does not work either. There are some functions, but there are limitations or errors, such as 3D related functions, change the pixel size of the stroke and the filter library function.

Adobe pointed out that certain features in the Photoshop Beta version (for example, select themes, masks for identifiable objects, object selection and retention of details 2.0 high-end) run slower on M1 local devices, but over time​​ They will be optimized over time.

If the is not available under the beta section of the Creative Cloud Desktop application (considering you have qualified ARM hardware), you can manually find it by clicking. Help>Check for updates. If it still does not show up, Adobe says that the user should try to log out and then log in to the Creative Cloud Desktop application again.

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