People familiar with the matter confirmed to NDTV that the Apple Store Online will be launched in on 23. The online store will provide all the products provided by Apple, and for the first time also provide direct support to customers. Although Apple products are already sold through e-commerce stores such as Amazon or Flipkart, Bloomberg reported last month that Apple is working hard to bring its store online before Diwali. With its on September 23, it has reached its deadline. Although according to Bloomberg reports, Apple originally planned to release it online faster, but found that its plan was interrupted by the coronavirus .

According to a source familiar with the matter, customers can not only all Apple products in the online store, but also contact Apple experts, who can guide to purchase and provide support. Customers will be able to get guidance directly from Apple, including online support in English and phone support in Hindi and English.

The online store will also provide buyers with the ability to customize any Mac before purchase, and will provide students with discounts on accessories and special prices for Macs and iPads, as well as financing options and trade-in plans.

You can also buy Apple Care+ online. Up to 2 years of technical support and accidental damage coverage can extend the warranty period.

According to the source, all orders will be sent out within 24 to 72 hours after the order is placed in the contactless delivery method performed by BlueDart. Apple also plans to provide conferences on photography and music, as well as additional components such as gift wrapping and custom engraving, which may make the gifts on Diwali more attractive.

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According to a Bloomberg report, opening an online store in India is only the first step for Apple. Apple will a physical retail store in Mumbai from next year and then open a second retail store in Bangalore.