As if the controversy surrounding the video conferencing application will not worsen, now the BBC report In the Singapore geography course, this is a serious incident involving the application. Since Singapore is one of the many countries that closed schools in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers and students used video conferencing applications such as Zoom to continue their studies.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Education of Singapore stopped using Zoom to with “violations involving obscene images”, local media Asia News Channel And the testimony of Ms. Loh, the student mother who was in the Zoom session at the time of the accident.

Apparently, in a geography class attended by about 40 students, two men were able to join and made obscene comments on the female students present. Although Logg ’s daughter did not “pay a lot”, she informed her mother that it was understandable. Although the "damage has been caused", the teacher immediately ended the Zoom session.

After that, Zoom told the BBC that the company was "deeply disturbed" by the incident. How these people access to classes has not been revealed. The scaling session has a nine-digit ID, and the teacher may not lock the related session behind the password.

Singapore government officials are currently investigating the violation, and the issue of teaching safety is resolved, the use of Zoom for teaching has now been suspended.

Zoom has been dealing with bad public relations for a long time, and Recently invited A former head of security at Facebook helps the company with privacy-related challenges and storage bans.

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For a week, Zoom was banned Use on SpaceX, Google, US Senatewith public school in New York. It is still one of the most popular video conferencing services along with Google Meet, Skype for Business and Slack.