Free college script is invalid It is a script for online learning. Here, students and teachers are combined through a structured curriculum-based to knowledge. bookworm Teachers or lecturers can create an unlimited number of courses, upload videos and documents based on their professional knowledge, and students can register for these courses and improve their skills anytime, anywhere.

Demonstrate the college learning system script

PHP script function

  • Intuitive course builder
    An extremely simple course building interface with advanced courses and part manager.
  • test
    One-click quiz creator, unlimited questions and multiple possible answers.
  • Multiple course file types
    Courses can be constructed from youtube, vimeo, html5 video, text, pdf, doc image files.
  • Public lecturer
    Public lecturers can register and sell courses. Their sales commission will be paid by the .
  • Information course students
    Teachers and students can communicate and solve any problems through interactive messaging.
  • report
    Detailed payment report on course sales revenue and instructor commission payment.

Download Nulled Academy PHP script

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Download the college learning management system script

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