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New Delhi: The ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has won a landslide victory in the Delhi parliamentary elections for the second time in a row as the party swept BJP, which was once again limited to a single number, and was unable to win parliamentary seats for a single party.

AAP won 62 seats in the 70-member parliament, five fewer than the 67 seats in 2015. The People's Party won eight seats, five more than the previous election.

Congress, which also failed to win a seat in the last election, has seen its turnout rate decline.

AAP's victory came in the context of a movement characterized by a low profile, breaking the hope of the People's Party to establish a government in the capital almost two decades later.

The victory raised Kejriwal's political status, saw BJP instigate the Citizenship Amendment, and protested Shahin Bagh opposed the legislation, which has continued for the past 50 days.

AAP won 54.34% of the votes in 2015, which is close to its past performance and obtained 53.57% of the votes.

The People's Party also increased its vote rate to 38.51% from 32.19 in the last election.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the leaders congratulating Kejirival.

"Congratulations to AAP and Arvind Kerjriwalji for winning the Delhi parliamentary elections. I wish them the best in fulfilling the aspirations of the people of Delhi," he said.

Kejriwal won a New Delhi seat for his People's Party rival Sunil Kumar Yadav with 21,697 votes.

He described AAP's victory in Delhi as a victory over the people who saw him as his son.

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"I thank the people of Delhi for their third confidence in AAP. This is a triumph for seeing me as their son and voting for our people. This is the beginning of a new type of politics. This is a new political sign," Kejriwal said in The AAP office said.

The Chief Minister, accompanied by his wife Sunita Kejriwal, AAP Sabha MP Sanjay Singh and newly elected MLA Raghav Chaddha, said: "I thank all citizens of Delhi and all our party workers. Our party workers have been working continuously during the day And night. My family also supported me through this campaign. Today is also my wife's birthday. "

His sentence was also delivered on Tuesday, a day dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

Political leaders across the country congratulated Keji Rival. Congratulations include Uddhav Thackeray, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, and Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, RJD Leader Tejashwi Yadav and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Reddy.

Delhi BJP CEO Manoj Tiwari also congratulated Kejriwal and thanked BJP party members for their hard work before the vote.

"I thank the people of Delhi. I thank our party members for their hard work. They have done a lot of work. I accept the mandate of the people of Delhi and congratulate Arvind Kirivar. I hope he performs well as Armenian expectations. . "

He said that the party will evaluate the election results and party officials should not be discouraged by the performance.

Parliament leader P Chidambaram said the people of Delhi had defeated the " agenda of the People's Party".

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"AAP wins, bluffs and defeats. The people of Delhi from across India have defeated the bipolar, divisive and agenda of the People's Party. I pay tribute to the people of Delhi who have set an example in other countries. General elections will be held in 2021 and 2022. Chidambaram tweeted.

Shortly after the party's imminent major victory, the celebrations began in the AAP office. See the party workers dancing in the drums. The party's gangsters won polls. Party leader Amanatullah Khan won the election from voters including Okhla, including Shaheen Bagh, with more than 71,000 votes.

AAP's Sanjeev Jha from Brari More than 88,000 votes. Despite their absolute victory in the AAP, the results exceeded expectations of some exit polls.

Starting at 8am this morning, the counting of votes started under strict security. Delhi has voted on February 8.

Unlike AAP, BJP does not plan to be a candidate for chief minister, but seeks to vote to strengthen the authority of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

During Modi's two rallies, Interior Minister Amit Shah and People's Party Prime Minister JP Nadda held several rallies in the city.

AAP has voted on the development work it has done in the city over the past five years.

The AAP government's efforts to improve public schools have clearly touched the lives of the city's poor. It has also launched a populist plan that includes free travel for women and exemptions from electricity and water bills for regulated consumption.

Keji Rival, who once targeted the prime minister, also changed his strategy and changed his political attack line.

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During the anti-CAA riots, the city witnessed violence and buses were burned. Police also entered the Jamia campus. Although anti-ICAO protests continue, there were two firings before the elections.

JNU students also staged protests over campus violence and rising costs.

The result disappointed Congress, which ruled the city for 15 years before the establishment of AAP. This is the party's worst performance in the Delhi parliamentary polls. The party performed better than AAP in last year's Lob Sabha poll.

Parliament leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra took part in Delhi polls.

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