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Infuse Studio's independent adventure since PS4 launched last year Northern Soul According to publisher Merge Games, it jump to Nintendo's Switch in the spring. If you missed it in the tide of games last November, the game will be a third-person single-player adventure that will leave you in the fur of a red fox, explore the landscape of Iceland, and seek self-discovery.

During the journey, you meet the sexiest lady-a ghost fox-and the guardian of the northern lights. As you can see from the trailer above, there are many puzzles, ancient civilizations and glowing signatures when exploring the Tundra.

We missed it on the PS4, but they all looked very soothing and beautiful. Here are some of the features highlighted in the official profile, along with some screenshots:

• Travel through stunning landscapes on an exciting journey.
• Take advantage of the ancient of the Northern Lights Guardian to solve environmental problems and change the world around you.
• As you discover more about the lost civilization, walk through a ruin along the mysterious fox.
• Orchestral soundtrack with 14 original works.

Although it may not be a fan of Fox Nintendo hoping to see it emerge from the hole this spring, we are always on a calm, charming adventure game, and the PS4 version has received relatively positive praise, which may be a concern The problem.

I want to take you home, haha. I won't hurt you, no. You be all of me, all of me … let us know if you want to take home the "Soul of the North" below.

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