2008 Cadillac BLS Front Three Quarters

During its 21-year service life, Cadillac Escalade When the fifth-generation large transport vehicle is available later this year, it will offer an optional diesel powertrain. This is great news for those who may want to increase traction and fuel efficiency on their Escalade, but for those who remember that this is not Cadillac's first use of "other" fuel, The news may have triggered many unpleasant things. Looking back at Cadillac's diesel history.

In the turbulent late 1970s, GM began on two fronts, both to capture sales of diesel passenger cars from Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Peugeot, and to average fuel economy for upcoming companies Sexuality [CAFE]. Regulations in force in 1978 model year. Oldsmobile was selected as the diesel powertrain that will be used throughout GM's entire passenger car portfolio, as this is still the era when GM's various departments develop proprietary engines.

In the worst way for classic GMs, cutting costs is a top priority. To reduce development time and keep the budget as small as possible, engineers essentially dieselized the existing Oldsmobile 5.7-litre [350 ci] petrol V-8 diesel, with the goal of maintaining a shared tool between diesel and petrol versions. The diesel variant strengthens the cylinder block, but the cap bolt style is inherited from the V-8 gasoline. Due to the higher compression characteristics of diesel, the common cap bolt failure on the entire panel is caused. GM also excluded the oil-water separator from the final design, which caused corrosion of the fuel injection pump and damage to fuel system components.

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Until the problem floods, the situation looks positive. The United States is still out of the natural gas crisis, and an all-around car that claims to drive nearly 30 miles per gallon on a highway is a tempting proposition. Sales were strong because in 1981, General Motors [GM] captured 60% of the passenger diesel market and 310,000 cars with Olds hoods.

Inevitably, this initial success turned into a complete disaster. For the modified Olds fuel burner, engine failure was very common, causing dealers and mechanics to often replace diesel blocks with conventional gas engines, while at the same time, various affected parties reported to General Motors. The legal action eventually led to a lawsuit that required the automaker to pay up to 80% of the cost to replace the engine.

Olds diesel production ended in 1985, but production ceased until the Cadillac crest slipped down. The 1978 Seville was the first Cadillac diesel engine tortured by the general public, lightly outputting 125 hp and 224 lb-ft of torque, a sad number that later fell to a poor 105 hp. By 1979, the entire Cadillac provided Olds Diesel, including Cadillac DeVille, Fleetwood Brougham, Eldorado and the aforementioned Seville.

For a moment, GM doubled the power of diesel and improved the 5.7-liter V-8 to a strengthened and reprocessed 4.3-liter "LS2" V-6, designed for lateral front-wheel drive applications. The LS2 V-6 has different printhead modes and additional upgraded hardware, and even if it makes a disappointing 85 hp, it has the opportunity to correct some errors. Unfortunately for hard-working engineers, the V-6 was discontinued only at Cadillac DeVille and Fleetwood in 1985.

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GM has been deteriorating on diesel passenger cars in the United States for the next 30 years, but only temporarily entered the fuel market in 2014 using Cruz diesel engines. Elsewhere, demand for diesel remains strong, so Opel and Vauxhall, GM's subsidiaries, continue to shut down lightweight diesel as their passenger products.

Even Cadillac has participated in the European Diesel Championship, albeit for a short time. The weird Cadillac BLS designed by Saab was from 2005 to 2009, offering two versions of Fiat's 1.9-liter turbocharged diesel four-cylinder engine, providing 150 horsepower and 180 horsepower respectively. Remember, because the BLS is essentially a redesigned Saab 9-3, you can order a manual transmission in the form of a car or truck. So yes, in some model years in Europe, Cadillac offers manual diesel station wagons.