We in strange times. The outbreak has prolonged our working lives, forcing most of us to leave the office and enter our homes, where we scramble to build temporary offices and workstations in the living room.

But even if you are used to working in a dynamic team, working from home is not necessarily an unorganized nightmare. These nine and subscriptions will help you quickly and seamlessly transition to from home, regardless of your industry, and enjoy great discounts for a limited time.

1. Unite 3: Website to Application tool for Mac

Manufacturers suggested retail price: $ 15 | Promotion price: $ 8 (46% discount)

This breakthrough tool lets you instantly convert any website to a native application on your Mac-which means you can browse important websites and pages you go to even without an Internet connection.

2. Goals: Habits and Goal Tracking Applications for High Achievers

Suggested retail price: $ 50 | Promotional price: $ 25 (50% discount)

When you stay at home for a long time, it is easy to lose your long-term goals, which is why goals allow you to easily turn your goals and ambitions into practical tasks that can be achieved without the need for distraction and intuitive habits to shape tool.

3. Airy YouTube Video and MP3 Downloader for Mac: Family Pack License

Suggested Retail Price: $ 40 | Promotion Price: $ 15 (62% off)

With the downloader for Mac, you can access your favorite YouTube videos and content anytime, anywhere. You can save videos and MP3s on your computer for easy access, and easily download entire playlists and channels with a single click.

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4. Cogsworth Personal Plan: 2-year subscription

Suggested retail price: $ 216 | Promotional price: $ 40 (81% discount)

Add more dating opportunities to your business and book customers more efficiently with Cogsworth, which allows you to create a custom booking page and then embed it into your website or social media account. You can also specify which services to offer and easily integrate with targeting platforms such as Google Calendar.

5, Pinstripe Meeting Tool Advanced Plan: Lifetime Subscription

Suggested Retail Price: $ 800 | Promotion Price: $ 30 (96% off)

This simplified tool makes it easy to organize meetings on a single platform. Pinstriped is designed to keep your meetings structured, task-based and action-oriented, and it's completely free for other participants to attend each meeting.

6. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: unlimited plan (10 devices)

Suggested retail price: $ 299 | Promotional price: $ 59 (80% discount)

This award-winning VPN protects your privacy and protects your , this VPN has unparalleled security features and provides unlimited bandwidth to all devices. It can be used on up to 10 devices at the same time, and even lets you bypass those nasty content restrictions when traveling abroad.

7 PDF Expert: award-winning software

Manufacturers suggested retail price: $ 80 | Promotion price: $ 30 (62% off)

Save on hassle with PDF award-winning platform PDF Expert, which lets you quickly edit text, exchange images, add links, create outlines, and more in PDF files.

8. ThunderDrive Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription

Suggested retail price: $ 1200 | Promotional price: $ 59 (95% discount)

With a lifetime subscription to ThunderDrive Cloud Storage, you won't have to worry about losing data due to a hard drive crash or server damage. This subscription gives you up to 2TB of secure storage, and you can easily send files securely to friends and family via a dedicated link.

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9. Toodledo Plus Online Task Manager: 1 Year Subscription

Suggested retail price: $ 60 | Promotional price: $ 30 (49% discount)

With this best-selling online task , you can effectively manage tasks and reminders to greatly increase your productivity. Toodledo will automatically sync across all your devices, and you will be able to create custom alerts, placing them at the top of your to-do list like a professional.

Prices are subject to change at any time.