Twice a year Broker company Piper Sandler investigates teens Try to let them know about this age group. Among the 5,200 teenagers participating in the survey, the most popular smartphone is the . Putting young people's money [or parents' money] on their lips, 85% of the young people currently participating in the survey own an . This is the highest percentage of ownership in history, and “indicates that ’s dominant device brand among teenagers is still intact.” Two years ago, in the survey, 82% of teenagers said they own an iPhone This number reached 83% last year.
88% of the respondents said that their next mobile phone will be the iPhone, which is the record of the survey. The number of teenagers planning to buy Android phones has dropped to 8% from 10% seen in a survey conducted six months ago.
The teenagers also said in the latest survey, Apple Watch They are their favorite smart watches, because 25% of teenagers say they own watches, compared with 20% last fall. Piper Sandler analyst Harsh Kumar also reached a conclusion based on the teenager's strong interest in wireless Bluetooth in a research report written to clients. AirPods. Kumar wrote that the youth ’s interest in in-ear accessories shows that Apple ’s products outside its main mobile and computer lines “have a strong attachment rate and a firm willingness to buy.” In fact, Apple Watch and AirPods are both part of the company's growing business unit [wearables, homes and accessories]. The latter reported a year-on-year increase in revenue of 54% and 37% in the past two fiscal quarters. 52% of teens admitted to owning a pair of AirPods, while 18% of teens said they do not use the device now, but plan to purchase one in the next 12 months.

The survey also found that the number of teenagers using Netflix declined slightly. People surveyed said they spent 33% of their time streaming content from the platform, compared with 35% in the fall. During the same period, YouTube usage among teenagers has declined. Disney + ranks among the top five of Amazon and Apple TV +.

Instagram is the favorite social media destination of these teenagers, followed by Snapchat, followed by the short video app TikTok. Teenagers obviously do n’t like the political struggle on Twitter, and Twitter ranked fourth in the survey, followed by Facebook.

Erin Murphy, senior research analyst at Piper Sandler, said: "Our Spring Youth Survey is a global [as well as US youth] effort to deal with the significant reality of COVID-19 It took place during the turbulent period. In fact, we believe that most of us come from teenagers at home. The response is not only that “” is listed as the second largest social / political concern of adolescents, but we also see the economic and economic Concerns have risen significantly, corresponding to a 13% drop. Compared to last year, "self-reported expenditures".

"Adolescents today are more closely connected than ever. They spend an average of 12 hours per week on social media, 53% of them list Amazon as their top e-commerce site, and Netflix is ​​their daily content. Is the first choice, and 85% of them have their own daily content. IPhone. Related to brand preferences, we continue to see that fashion leisure has increased-Nike has won the share of the first brand, and lululemon became sixth A new survey of the top brands. "

The average age of the 5,200 teenagers surveyed was 16.2 years, and the average household income was $ 65,600.

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