Amazon, the e-commerce giant, provides a lot of convenience to people looking to buy products online. With a wide range of products, say almost everything is manufactured on planet Earth, people love it and wait for the order to be delivered to their doorstep. But with this great convenience comes a high price, something you realize late or maybe don’t even realize. Here are 7 reasons why you should highly consider closing your Amazon account once and for all. 

Reducing purchases

Amazon has a highly influential UI and its influence can only be avoided by learning how to delete Amazon account and getting rid of it. Amazon, by making use of tons of customer data, has created a setup that provides a lot of convenience to its users. For people who like to buy items, the regular sale of items and bundle offers might seem very attractive. 

Team that up with fast checkout services make it very easy to buy products. While it’s great to save when buying necessities, it can also make you spend more than you need to. By deleting your Amazon account, you can get rid of it altogether.

Support local businesses

It’s great to have the convenience of deliveries coming right to your doorstep, but why not enjoy the same convenience provided by local businesses? Several small businesses are on Amazon as retailers who have to pay commission fees to Amazon for their own business. 

If such a business is your area, you need not use Amazon. Instead, you can simply reach out to the business, get a discount on the product while eliminating the commission fee they have to cut from their own profits. By closing your Amazon account, you encourage yourself to make more conscious purchases while supporting local businesses.

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Conflict with terms and conditions

Amazon has been a lot of controversy in regards to its data collection, treatment of employees, and even its customers. Upon reading the terms and conditions, most people realize how much Amazon exploits its users as well as its workforce. 

If you have read the policy yourself and are strong conflict with it, you can revolt by deleting your account altogether. It may seem minute, but you’ll feel better about yourself by not to the exploitative conditions set by Amazon.

Shifting to other e-commerce websites

Amazon isn’t the only e-commerce website on the Internet today. With online businesses becoming extremely easy to set up, the number of e-commerce websites online today has really boomed. If you’re unhappy with your Amazon services, you can choose from a variety of other e-commerce websites online. 

You’ll find specific e-commerce websites set up by small businesses as well, where you’d get products that are of higher quality and provide great customer support. You’d also be supporting the growth of a small business that deserves an increase sales. 

Targeted ads

Amazon collects a lot of data from its users. Even if you looked at a product for a few seconds, the moment you visit another website, you’ll notice the same product with similar choices the ad space in the corner. 

There’s no way you can stop Amazon from collecting this data. So the best way to put a stop to such targeted ads is to delete your Amazon account altogether. The ads would still show up even if you haven’t used your account a while. 

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Amazon and tax evasion

Amazon has managed to grow bigger every single year by exploiting tax loopholes and using resources and land without paying for it. Even though the business makes billions of dollars, it avoids paying taxes like other businesses. 

On the other hand, businesses that are new and emerging cannot make use of such loopholes are forced to pay taxes. This continues to widen the gap between Amazon and other businesses. If you don’t agree with Amazon’s methods of gaining such an unfair advantage, you can delete your account and stop contributing to their growth and profits. 

Environmental concerns

As mentioned, Amazon makes plenty of use of the resources available to it without paying taxes. With that, it also makes use of plenty of fuel resources transportation and other such means. In itself, it poses a serious threat to the environment due to its heavy consumption of resources. 

And with its high and constantly growing number of orders, this consumption will continue to increase. By deleting your account, you’d be stopping your own purchases from Amazon and making a difference resource consumption. It may be a very small step, but you’ll feel proud of your own efforts to preserve the environment.


After reading this article, you may have a number of reasons yourself to delete your Amazon account and support local businesses instead. It may seem hard to give up on the convenience it provides, but you’ll be saving a lot of money and being a more conscious citizen in the long term.

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