When it comes to accessories for photography, there are plenty out there, and it is quite likely that you will think that you them all in order to take great photos. This is not necessarily the case. Whether you are just starting out on your photography journey or are a professional who has been in the business for several years, there are some accessories that you will definitely need. Some of these will certainly make your job a whole lot easier.

Here we will look at our top 5 essential photography accessories that you will really need, whether you will find them useful out and about or in the studio or want to buy a gift for a budding photographer friend.

Charging station

There is nothing worse than needing to use something only to find that it needs charging. In our book, a charging station is the absolute must when it comes to photography accessories. You will want to keep not only your battery, but also your backup battery fully charged so you are never caught short. You may also want to consider some kind of external power pack so that you can make sure that you charge all of your photography equipment in the same place. This should help you to make sure that you don’t leave something important behind.

Camera bag

Once you have spent lots of money on a camera then you want to make sure that you take good care of it, and this means storing it away properly when not in use or when you are transporting it to a shoot. Investing in a good quality camera bag is a must. Make sure that you choose something that will work for the equipment that you have but leaves a little room for anything you may want to purchase in the future. 

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Plenty of inner compartments will allow you to stash individual items and ensure that they are secure. Pockets are also great as there will be little bits and pieces like filters that you will need. If you don’t want to carry these around remember you could always add presets and overlays like the ones on ClickASnap later.

Camera strap

Whilst you may plan on shooting straight from the hand most of the time, there will be times when you will find a strong camera strap incredibly handy in between shots. That way, you don’t to put your camera down.


At some point every photographer will find a tripod useful. They are great for time-lapses, night-shots, macro-shots and long-exposure seascapes to name but a few examples. A tripod will offer you the stability that you simply will not get, no matter how steady you think you are, from handheld exposure. There are a huge range of tripods available, so consider what you are likely to use it for and the different features that they have to offer. If you are not sure you will get much use out of it, then perhaps invest in one of the ones that are available or purchase second hand.


Even when the light seems really there may be a to supplement the ambient light with something a little extra. This might be because you are looking to add a special effect to your images or because it is simply not bright enough to shoot without the additional light. Photography lighting comes in a huge number of options from big and powerful lighting to lighting solutions that are much smaller and portable, so again consider your requirements before deciding what to purchase.

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With all these items on your person, you’re sure to be able to capture some great photographs, whether you’re taking them for business or just for fun.