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it’s here HAYS talent solution, We asked 300 business owners if they are or plan to use the video as a permanent part of the recruitment process after COVID-19. The results show that more than half (64%) have used it permanently in the process, while 24% said they plan to conduct video interviews permanently.

There are many reasons why videos are so appealing. We are constantly evolving and can respond quickly to the combination of images, sounds and movements, whether it is emotionally due to the presence of more clues or because we can process it faster. Whatever the reason you use the video in the recruitment process, it will attract people’s attention, and contrary to popular belief, your video can be successful without much publicity.

Here are five examples of how to incorporate video work into the recruitment process cheaply and easily:

#1 Promote your work on networking sites

At Hayes, we have been using a VideoMyJob Enable our recruiters to create branded video job advertisements so they can quickly share on using only their smartphones.

Users can record video in the application, edit it, and then share the video. You can upload your own brand to make all your videos look and feel professional, and even allow users to submit videos for approval so they can’t post anything.

The application itself can help users ensure correct positioning and even include automatic prompts when needed. The editing kit means that you can not only stitch and cut videos together, but also icons, subtitles and other wording all in the application.

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This is a great way to stand out from all other issues in socializing, personalize your job postings, and even better, it won’t delay your marketing resources to always create videos for you.

#2 Bring your employer brand to life

Videos are a great way to show how to make your employer brand truly visible online. By showing your Company Culture, Environment and dedicated employees, not just speaking, you will a real reputation.

These videos can be used on your career website, in recruitment emails, and in events.

#3 explain your application process

This is an area that many organizations miss, but maintaining constant communication throughout the recruitment process to ensure that your candidates know the next job and when it may happen is the key in today’s competitive environment.

You must explain your typical hiring process from the beginning, even if it is just what is required during the application phase, it must be explained on your website. Video can be a good medium, it can break all the reading content and make you stand out from the competition.

#4 Use video as part of the application process

Video interviews have been used in various ways to reduce travel costs and make decisions faster, without having to line up diaries.

However, interviews are not the only way to use video in the selection process. In the screening process, we used the video as a self-selection tool by creating a video that users can interact with to see the real situation of the recruiter during the day and test their skills by answering all questions.

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When candidates seek to stand out and better show real candidates, you should also consider accepting or even requesting a video resume. As we sometimes find through video interviews, not all candidates will meet the challenge, but providing choices will show that your organization is open to creativity and people who keep pace with the times.

#5 Promote career advice and position yourself as a thought leader

Currently, video blogging is an ideal career for almost every teenager, so there is nothing more popular than video blogging. You can hire a CEO or a major hiring manager to record an overview of: Industry Trends What do they see in their work world, or what do they think they need to do to reach the top, to help you position yourself as a thought leader in the field, to attract passive candidates, and at the same time make candidates interview them Officials or employers in the future.

In addition, you can make simple career advice videos to further support your candidates.

The historical world of “find and apply” (active job seekers at the time were suitable for advertising vacancies) was replaced by the “find and participate” approach, and nothing was more attractive than video.

Job seekers want to know how it feels to work in a company, and videos allow you to provide them with context that is difficult to convey by text alone. So whether you show your employees, your workplace, what you believe in, or just promote job openings, videos may be new in your talent development toolkit.

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