Getting high-quality audio at home is much easier (and less expensive) than before. Thanks to Dolby AtmosModern home audio systems can better replicate the experience of movie theater systems than ever before, and Atmos is looking for ways to enter more affordable speaker systems. Vizio SB36312 is such a package. Equipped with a pair of pop-up speakers that reflect the Atmos effect from the ceiling, five full-range drivers, and a very compact wireless subwoofer that is small enough to fit under the sofa Got a good result. . you can Vizio SB36312 Soundbar for $ 269 On Amazon, it is 36% below the regular price of $ 418.

To understand why we like system so much, you can Read CNET review of Vizio SB36512-F6 system is the same as the SB36312, except that it also includes a pair of tuned surround speakers. I always recommend building a home theater system with surround speakers where possible, although there will always be rooms that cannot accommodate rear speakers. If that's your media room, then this SB36312 two-piece system will provide first-class positioning with a barely visible footprint (and a relatively small budget).

is not the lowest price we see on this speaker system. That will be $ 250. If Amazon happens to sell out at this price, you can also grab Vizio SB36312 Soundbar at Best Buy for $ 270.

look at this:

Sonos One is the best smart speaker you can hear.


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