2022 mercedes benz s class mbux 11

Every new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Need to be much better than its predecessor. The next- model is almost ready to make its global debut, and official details about it have begun to surface. Mercedes The car announced that it will launch a new version of its infotainment system, which contains a mile-long list of features, from fingerprint recognition to Chit-Chat features to answer questions.

The core component of the is a 12.8-inch, vertical OLED touch screen with haptic feedback technology. It groups the functions (such as navigation, connectivity, and entertainment) that you usually want to find in infotainment systems, and is also used to adjust climate control systems. Towards a fully digital era, -designed dashboards have 27 fewer buttons than current-generation dashboards S grade. However, safety-related functions (for example, wipers and all lights) are still operated through straw.

MBUX is no longer trapped in the touch screen installed on the dashboard. It penetrated the entire car. It responds to touch input, voice commands, gestures and eye movements. When one of the passengers says “Hey Mercedes” and then has a request, it will still wake up, so the driver can say “Hey Mercedes, play Hey Mercedes”, but Now it will respond to commands without keywords. It can also answer questions related to the car, such as the location of the first aid box or how to pair with a mobile phone via Bluetooth, and can understand the user’s habits over time.

Mercedes has added a smart home function, which links MBUX to devices and devices connected to the Internet so that the oven can be preheated. It also talks to the car. For example, a car camera knows when an occupant leaves the car. If the blind spot monitoring function detects that they are about to drive into oncoming traffic, it will instruct MBUX to turn the surrounding lights into red as a warning. Moreover, it has Chit-Chat functionality, and according to the company, “It provides correct answers to many questions-it can even answer questions about animal noise or common sense.” Although the system may not understand the meaning of life, it seems to be Teach you to speak Okapi.

MBUX will get over-the-air updates, and motorists will be able to make in-car purchases, but if you are willing to accept puns, they can still buy cars. Before buying, they need to identify their identity by entering a PIN code, voice, fingerprint or facial recognition technology.

The screen in the driver’s line of sight is a digitally configurable dashboard, which provides true three-dimensional effects with the push of a button. Mercedes pointed out,Unfortunately, the driver does not need to wear 3D glasses to use this function. Augmented reality head-up displays may be provided. In the demonstration at the 1:00 mark in the video above, the turn indicator visually drives towards the front of the car to show you exactly which street to drive to.

Passengers in the back row can also enjoy the film festival. The list of additional cost options includes a rear seat entertainment system, which adds three screens. Two are fixed to the front seats and one is fixed to the center armrest. Each screen runs the MBUX version, which allows rear passengers to access personalized media content, so one screen can watch movies and the other screen can listen to music. You can also share information (such as playlists or restaurant reviews) with the driver or others sitting in the back seat.

Screen, screen and screen; what else?

2021 mercedes benz s class teaser

Mercedes clearly uses a lot of resources to develop lucrative in-vehicle technology, but the S- is not only a huge, Internet-connected wheeled touch screen. Although the official details about the next-generation model outside the cabin are few and far from Low resolution spy shots The video posted on Instagram in May 2020 gave us an earlier understanding of cars. Up front, the style changes are largely evolutionary; it still looks undoubtedly like the flagship product in the company’s product line. Close to the rear, it gets a triangular horizontal light connected by a chrome strip, this style hint highlights its width.

Similarly, the technical specifications are still confidential. We do not expect major changes, which means the lineup will again include six, eight and 12-cylinder engine, Plus at least one Plug-in hybrid Options. Mercedes confirmed that it will not produce a variant of the S-Class battery drive, but will sell it with the car Electric model of comparable size Previewer Future Vision EQS concept Inaugurated in 2019.

Mercedes Benz It will launch the next-generation S-Class online in the next few months and will debut in showrooms across the United States soon after its launch in 2021. The standard model will start at around US$100,000, and this range will later add variants with Maybach and AMG logos.

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