2021 Ford Blanco with Mustang sports It looks very exciting on paper, but what about metal? About one of the most compelling things New car The design can be its available paint finishes, and Ford’s new 4x4s has many attractive options.

Ford provides some tools for buyers (and prospects) to play through Bronco and Bronco Sport structure And paint finishes, so we decided to compile the latter for easy reference. Although both Bronco and Bronco Sport will have 10 topcoats to choose from when are released, the two lines do not completely overlap. Here are all 10 paints available on the two- and four-door Bronco models:

are marked in the Bronco two-door gallery above and the four-door gallery below, but if you need to view the names, they are:

  • Antimatter blue
  • District 51
  • Cactus ash
  • Carbonized ash
  • Network orange
  • Iconic silver
  • Oxford White
  • Race red
  • Fast red
  • Diablo

Bronco Sport has many overlaps, and Bronco Sport also has 10 finishes. For Bronco Sport, Alto Blue replaced antimatter blue, and Kodiak Brown replaced Race Red. The remaining colors (Zone 51, Cactus Grey, Carbonized Grey, Computer Orange, Iconic Silver, Oxford White, Quick Red and Dark Black) will be preserved. are:

It is worth noting that Ford has a history of announcing new paint options between the launch of new cars and the start of mass production. of Mustang Mach,E.g Network orange (Shared with Bronco, adequate and appropriate) cross Was introduced. At this point, we cannot rule out the possibility of Ford taking the same action against the highly anticipated Mustang.

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