2021 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe Convertible

2021 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe Convertible

2021 Chevrolet Corvette No increase, General Motors Say early Wednesday, confirm Previous report The suggested retail price of the 2020 model is $59,995 ($67,495 for the convertible) and will remain unchanged after production and supply problem Cut the first model year of the C8 model short.

“Our mission is to develop new Sports car,Combined Frigate Has the performance and driving experience of a mid-mounted engine Supercar Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter said in GM’s official announcement: “We are excited by the enthusiasm that the mid-size engine has brought after the launch and have provided new content for the 2021 model.”

But don’t be afraid. 2021 will not only be an extension of existing 2020 production. In fact, GM has added some that are not available in the debut year to the C8’s optional table, thus adding some additional incentives to car buyers who invested a lot of cash in the first Corvette in the first model year.

The main thing is that Corvette’s excellent electromagnetic selective driving control system is available as an independent option. For the 2020 model, it is only available in the Performance (Z51) kit. Since GM has not added the 2021 model to its online configuration tool, we do not know whether Magnetic Ride Control (FE2) has other dependencies, such as pruning. Since Z51 option is available for all models in 2020, we tend to believe that FE2 is the same, but Car blog GM has been contacted for clarification and price information.

The 2021 model also received wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay standards, which are new features of the already powerful and intuitive infotainment system. In 2021, Corvette also received GM’s new “buckle drive” function, which temporarily fixes the transmission if the driver’s seat belt is not fastened.

2021 also added some internal and external color options, including “Silver Flare Metal” (as shown in the convertible model on the far right of the hero image above).

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