The 2021 Black Friday promotion has online. Most major online retailers started offering early to some of these transactions about a week ago. If you want to buy some technology products from India during the 2021 Black Friday sale, we have selected some of the best from Amazon, Best Buy and other online retailers. Buying products from India during Black Friday can be tricky, so make sure to calculate the total cost before buying, which includes shipping, customs and other local taxes.

Black Friday Sale 2021-the best from India

(Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Package)
If you plan to shop online during the Black Friday India promotion in 2021, please make sure that the items you buy are usually not available in India. You can buy Nintendo Switch informally, but if you want to import a unit directly, you can buy the Black Friday bundled with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (digital download) on Best for US$300 (approximately Rs 22,500) Special edition Nintendo Switch console to buy. You need someone to bring it (provided it is within the allowed customs restrictions) or use a third-party transportation service.

Buy now: 300 USD (approximately 22,500 rupees)

Watch SE
Apple Watch SE drops to one of the lowest prices during the Black Friday sale in 2021. Best Buy sells the 40mm model at a discounted price of US$219 (approximately Rs 16,400). If you have friends or relatives coming over and you can bring it (provided that they are within the customs restrictions they allow), then this transaction is ideal. You can also use third-party transportation services to indirectly import it to India, in which case you should also consider transportation and import duties.

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Buy now: US$219 (approximately Rs 16,400)

Kindle Paperwhite 2021 models
During Amazon’s 2021 Black Friday promotion, the new Kindle Paperwhite 2021 model (advertising support) dropped to $105 (approximately Rs 8,000). This is the new Paperwhite model with a 6.8-inch display and adjustable warm light. The only problem is that this is an ad-supported model. If you don’t mind putting some ads at a lower price, considering the Indian pricing, this sounds like a good deal. Amazon will not ship it directly to India, so you need to consider a third-party shipping service.

Buy now: 105 USD (approximately 8,000 rupees)

Oculus Quest 2
Best Buy will provide an electronic gift card worth $50 through the purchase of a new Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. This may be useful to you or someone you know in the United States, and effectively reduces the price to $250 (approximately 19,000 rupees). You still need to figure out the logistics part, but considering that it is still not officially available in India, still be much less than what you find online and offline.

Buy now: US$299 (approximately Rs 22,400)

Apple (3rd generation)
During the continued Black Friday sales in 2021, the latest Apple AirPods (third generation) are currently sold at US$170 (approximately Rs 13,000) on Amazon. Amazon is also offering an additional $20 discount at checkout, reducing the effective price to $150 (approximately Rs 11,200). These compact TWS earplugs are easier and lighter to transport, but you still need to calculate import duties. The new AirPods (third generation) contain some of the main functions of AirPods TWS headsets, but without ANC.

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Buy now: 170 USD (approximately 13,000 rupees)

Fitbit charging 5
During Best Buy’s 2021 Black Friday promotion, Fitbit Charge 5 dropped to $130 (approximately 10,000 rupees). The deal applies to all three colors. Fitbit Charge 5 is equipped with health tracking and a 6- premium subscription. If you consider health as one of your resolutions in 2022, this may be a way to start.

Buy now: USD 130 (approximately 10,000 rupees)

Surfshark subscription
During the Black Friday promotion, one of the best things you can buy internationally is a digital subscription. Surfshark’s two-year VPN subscription is currently down to Rs. 4,450, you will also get three months of additional access. Since the service runs on multiple devices at the same time, you can share the purchase with friends or family, so the final overall cost is very low.

Buy now: Rs. 4,450

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