2020 Kia Stinger GT

Kia Stinger has always been an elusive car for other enthusiasts and me, mainly it carries a badge, and many people don’t think it is premium or sporty. However, Kia Stinger has been recognized by enthusiasts because it is a respected sports car. The car has appropriate performance and can find a home in the garage of enthusiasts.

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The GT 2 interior powered by the brand’s excellent 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 engine is the Kia Stinger GT and sports rear-wheel drive is very interesting. I expressed this in the comment when the Kia Stinger GT was first released. In order to expand these concepts, I retained the 2020 Stinger GT RWD. Apart from the addition of a wireless phone charger and a new 360-degree camera system for backup or parking last year, other aspects have not changed much. Stinger’s pleasant balance (close to 50/50) increases driving convenience, and occasionally drifts when the rear wheels spin in a controlled manner, the traction control device allows one or two seconds. The Stinger GT’s enthusiasm complements its sporty appearance, but it looks a little dull due to the slightly elastic suspension system, which is a deep confusion in my heart Last comment Even though it adopts two settings (normal and sport) to motion adaptive damper.

Although I don’t like a feature of the Kia Stinger GT, all the other functions of the sports 4-door with hatchback rear end are suitable as a premium styling. When they see it, they most need a circular movement. Even so, many onlookers still believe that the Kia Stinger GT driving this week is driving some kind of new BMW with its striking ceramic silver paint. To their surprise, this is Kia, but not just any Kia, the best Kia ever made for audiophiles and enthusiasts who enjoy exciting rides.

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2020 Kia Stinger GT side

The Kia Stinger GT has 365 horsepower and 376 lb-ft of torque to bring you business. The 8-speed automatic transmission completes the shift fairly quickly, but with a certain degree of softness, it can keep certain things popular. Inside, the Kia Stinger remains unchanged, with a smaller infotainment touch screen, but the interface is good, imitating the user-friendly state of other Kia and Hyundai cars. The front heating and ventilation holes of the Nappa leather seats and the heated rear seats on the outside of the rear are comfortable and can support to some extent to adapt to the sports characteristics of the Stinger GT.

2020 KIA Stinger GT Back

Although the Kia Jean Stingert GT has the Kia badge, it has weakened its competitive advantage, but it may be a hard medicine for some people it does not bear the badge of a large German car manufacturer. However, the Kia Stinger GT 2 is priced at $50,000, and can enjoy all the and near-luxury features, Stinger GT is a good choice. Not to mention, those who dare to enter the Stinger GT second-hand market will enjoy industry-leading warranty and lower prices.