Infiniti Is slowly moving towards modern This year's infotainment systemAnd our first taste is in 2020 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400. This high-performance coupe has a newer system. Although it looks very similar to the previous one, it represents Infiniti's progress.

Most importantly, Infiniti finally added Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features in 2020. Every new 2020 car should be equipped with smartphone connection , and Infiniti has finally adopted the plan in almost all this year (QX60 Is to insist). The delay may be related to Nissan/ Infiniti is reluctant to share customer data with Apple and Google, or Infiniti has been waiting for a wider interface update, but either way, they seem to apply the same hardware as before.

This updated interface has also upgraded graphics to provide a smoother experience. The improved performance is acceptable, but the problem with Infiniti ’s InTouch dual-screen system has been more than insufficient speed. Compared with Germany's advanced system, InTouch looks and feels about five years behind. Mercedes& # 39; MBUX, BMW's I will drive with Audiof HMI These days, everyone responds with the speed and vitality of the top smartphones we expect. Infiniti's UX is encouraging. Simple colored boxes are filled on the screen, and difficult-to-reach navigation systems are filled on the top. Unfortunately, Infiniti decided to also put Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features on the top screen-there is almost no choice, because important car features and settings are at the . When driving all the way, it is not easy to reach the first line of the icon on Spotify! I assure you that for a person who is 5 feet 10 inches, my arm is the normal length. Widescreen solutions are better, we again found that it is In the new Toyota Highlander.

Another new feature this year is the addition of WiFi hotspots for up to 7 devices. Once again, it is a feature that other manufacturers have provided for many years, but it is still worth mentioning that the new Infiniti you purchased will have it.

After using the system for a week every day, I didn't really touch anything. It can run, although it runs slowly, and has no explosiveness or excellent performance. If Infiniti uses a single large portrait-shaped screen, the center stack will display better- Volvo, Subaru And of course Tesla Figured it out. As it is, the Infiniti system seems to be disconnected, and the experience is the same. If you think advanced and easy-to-use technology deserves your attention New car Purchase, Q60 Even with this updated system, it will only cover the basics. Swing 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 Registering in Red Sport 400 is a better reason.

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