As a wise man Pontiac advertising Once said: "E aho laula." Indeed, in terms of touch screen interface, "wider is " becomes more and more obvious. Luxury brands are the first to offer this format and its advantages, and most importantly, it allows you to view and control multiple menu screens at once. The number of times to switch back and forth between menus has been reduced, and this has become particularly important with the advent of and Android Auto.

As you can see in the video " Lane Test" above, 2020 Hyundai Sonata It is one of the latest non-luxury cars and provides a widescreen touchscreen interface. It measures 10.25 inches and is standard on the "restricted" trim level, but optional on packaged SEL and SEL Plus. The standard touch screen is 8 inches in size, except for the loss of some functions related to widescreen, it is almost the same in terms of beautiful design and user-friendly layout.

Every 2020 sonata Two USB ports are standard, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. SEL adds satellite and high-definition broadcasting and Blue Link remote service. Its $ 1,200 convenient package adds 12.3-inch LCD dashboard, wireless smartphone charging function, rear seat USB port and Hyundai Motor The digital key function allows you to lock and unlock the car through a smartphone application and other non-technical items. You can a 10.25-inch touchscreen to the $ 950 Drive package and integrated navigation and modern Drive Assist enhanced adaptive cruise control system, although this also requires you to in the $ 1850 Premium package and the $ 1000 panoramic sunroof.

SEL Plus comes standard with other features of the convenience package. Its $ 2750 technology package adds a 10.25-inch touch screen, integrated navigation, Bose sound system, panoramic sunroof and modern Drive Assist. All of the above are the standard configuration of Limited.

What I highlighted in the video is the "Modern Sound" button, which is not mentioned in the list of all functions of . This button basically turns Sonata's audio system into a $ 33,500 audio machine. I ’m not quite sure if it ’s wise to put something that aims to make people fall asleep in a moving vehicle, but hey, maybe it ’s because the driving parents let them fall asleep? Anyway, below is a selection of all Sonata atmosphere rooms.

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