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When I come back 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Through new styles, infotainment and all-wheel are revealed, and the company also announced that it will 2020 models There are four driven wheels. These trucks are now available for order Distributor, And only provides one decoration, namely Launch Edition, priced at $ 41,735. This is because it is only available on the Touring L , starting at $38,640.

This 2020 The Pacific Ocean It is a fusion of model years in 2020 and 2021. On the outside, it retains its outgoing style and has been improved with the S Appearance kit, including black grille, trim and 18-inch alloy wheels. Below it, it has a 2021 all-wheel drive system that reduces the wheel torque through traction and can disconnect the rear drive axle to increase efficiency. It still includes the Stow’N’Go concealed seat with all-wheel drive. The interior is still the same as the upcoming model, continue to use the 8.4-inch of the previous generation Uconnect 4 instead of New Uconnect 5. The model uses black leather upholstery and gray contrast stitching.

If you are interested in ordering one of these all-wheel drive 2020 Pacificas, or just waiting for them to reach the dealer, they will be delivered in the third quarter of this year. If you are looking for all-wheel drive with lower price or more functions, then 2021 will provide you with more decorative level transmission system. Pricing and time to market in 2021 have not been announced.

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