2009 toyota v8 f1 car 1

Collectors find that the limited edition supercars, which cost millions of dollars, are too clumsy and will soon have a rare opportunity to add real Formula One cars to their teams. Toyota cars Donated the example of the last car it made to participate in the series to a charity auction The proceeds will be used for COVID-19 relief.

Wearing the No. 01 chassis, this participated in a series of tests until the 2009 Formula One racing season. It was driven by several professional pilots including Henkie Waldschmidt, Jarno Trulli and Timo Glock, but never lined up on the starting line of the race. did not cram it into a dim museum, but passed TF109 Pirelli, which used it as a high- for tires. It was stripped of red and white paint and handed over to famous pilots (including Romain Grosjean) until it finally retired in 2011 after driving about 30,000 kilometers (about 19,000 miles). It is huge.

There is little evidence that chassis 01 has changed a lot since 2011. It is sold as a complete vehicle and is still equipped with a 2.4-liter V8 , but we do not know if it is running. Future may not be very interested. Driving a Formula One car is a difficult task, and maintaining it requires a whole set of technicians. It is more likely to become a work of art than starting its second racing career.

It is difficult to give value to Formula One cars. You cannot browse Bring a until you have an accurate understanding of the implementation of the last 27 examples sold. Sotheby’s did not provide pre- estimates, but if the bid price exceeds 7 digits, we will not be surprised, especially considering that the proceeds of the sale will be donated to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies .

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RM’s Racing auction Will happen online-where else? -Between June 15 and 22. As of this writing, eight batches of products have been listed in detail, including the aforementioned TF109 and the racing suit worn by Sebastian Vettel in 2019, signed by drivers such as Lewis Hamilton Equipment, and Ferrari Racing simulator. RM previously that the auction will include more than 60 lots, so there may be other cars to compete for.

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