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Good morning! Here is the technical news you need to know this Wednesday.

  1. Google, Facebook and other tech companies are reportedly in talks with the U.S. government to use your location data to stop the coronavirus and see if social evacuation is really effective. Last week, the technology industry leaders held several meetings with White House officials as the United States scrambled to mobilize the private sector to help counter the spread of COVID-19, and the plan for the report came before that.
  2. Facebook incorrectly blocks news report about coronavirus pandemic. Guy Rosen, VP of Integrity, tweeted: "We are working hard-this is a bug in the anti-spam system and has nothing to do with any changes in the content moderator team. We are fixing and integrating Everything is coming back from these posts. "
  3. "A recession is inevitable": European investors and startups are preparing to cope with cash drought and falling valuations. Venture capitalists tell Business Insider that they expect that fundraising will become more difficult and valuations as the moves towards recession.
  4. A memo circulated inside Google accuses the company of failing to protect its army of contracted workers from a corona virus pandemic. In an internal memo seen by Business Insider, workers demanded that Google contractors be guaranteed wages and that they should not be forced to go to a company office unless absolutely necessary.
  5. Amazon shoppers may see shortages and rising prices for certain items as the retail giant packs large quantities of medical supplies and household goods into warehouses. Amazon announced on Tuesday It will stop accepting "non-essential" products Make room in its warehouse for more important products in the next three weeks as it responds to the growing demand during the crisis.
  6. Amazon warehouse workers in Italy angry over company's response to two employees infected with coronavirus. A worker at the Piacenza warehouse told Business Insider that tensions between management and unions began a few weeks ago, but only started after union representatives met with management on Monday.
  7. NASA forces almost all of its 17,000 employees to work from home after coronavirus cases at two space centers. "This is the first time NASA has seen this," a spokesperson told Business Insider.
  8. Uber's CFO says ride-hailing rates have fallen by 50% in cities hit hard by coronavirus, and new data suggests Lyft is also suffering. Uber's CFO says he is confident to resume a rapid rebound in ride demand by watching the Hong Kong market recover, and Hong Kong recently lifted locks on cars
  9. A company buying Theranos patents is using them to sue a healthy startup doing coronavirus testing. Fortress Investment Group, the company behind the lawsuit, said that at the time of the lawsuit, it was unaware that the defendant BioFire Diagnostics was undergoing the COVID-19 test.
  10. A banner ad on Apple's website indicates that it is preparing to close all stores outside China longer than expected. As part of efforts to curb the spread of the new coronavirus, the tech giant previously said it would close its non-Chinese stores until 27.

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