10 best real time strategy games for Android and iOS

The coverage of the strategy game covers the entire rainbow. Real-time strategies are an important part of the spectrum. In this article, we will carefully study some of the best strategies.

We have assembled many interesting mobile games for you, so please stick to the end so that you can choose your favorite game!

Now, let’s take a look at the first title!

War Alert: Red Lord

War Alert: Red Lord is a weird of historical theme maps, futuristic units and cartoon graphics. But in the mobile game industry, splicing everything together is just another day in the office. This game enriches things by letting you choose heroes with special allowances to help you fight, and picking things from the technology tree for research.

The goal of all these is of course to help you defeat the enemy on the battlefield. Choose the best unit composition and face another player in one of the five available arenas. Each victory will help you build a stronger army.


As the name suggests, the action in Expanse takes place on another planet. The graphics of the game are a retrospective of the original “StarCraft”, as is the overall feeling of the game. However, don’t expect the same depth and diversity.

There are 3 different factions to choose from, but in this game, they are all humans, so they look almost the same. This is not the most exciting or fast-paced game, but if you are looking for a traditional game, Expanse will definitely miss the correct nostalgia complex, which is for sure!

Red sun

There is no doubt that RedSun has an atmosphere more similar to Red Alert, and unlike Expanse, its interface does not seem to come directly from the 90s. The premise is simple: build a base, make as many units as possible and overwhelm the enemy. This is a strategy, you must consider some issues, which units to best deal with against your opponent, otherwise you may feel annoying.

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If you are looking for a classic RTS that is not too or flashy, RedSun will let you enjoy entertainment for a while.

Command and Conquer: Opponents

“Command and Conquer” is one of the most popular real-time strategic franchises in the world, while “Competitor” is a unique twist on the typical game, that is, a game specifically for mobile devices. It deletes a lot of elements, such as the map and expanding the base, and only focuses on combat.

You are placed on a small stage where you are competing with other players for control of three key points. If your unit controls at least two of them, your opponent’s base will quickly become ruined. In Rivals, the most important thing is to micro-manage units and choose the right lineup at the right time. The inspection speed is fast and the rhythm is fast, which is very suitable for filling a few minutes of downtime.

Mushroom Wars 2

Finally, games that do not contain tanks and other heavy machinery. “Mushroom Wars 2” is mainly about your macro strategy, not controlling individual units. Instruct your army of mushroom warriors to slowly occupy the map, this is your victory. However, it is easier said than done. Your opponent may be a sneaky snake and trying to execute strategic moves you will never see. In fact, you will see that it is coming, but it is too late.

Mushroom Wars 2 has a cool and unique design and interesting gameplay, which will captivate you within hours.

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Rebel company

Rebel Inc. is not a real RTS game, but its unique gameplay is worth mentioning. In it, your goal is to stabilize an area destroyed by insurgents and bring lasting peace. To do this, you must use resources wisely to deal with multiple threats. From trying to prevent chaos in the country by investing in infrastructure, to fighting rebels in the mountains, the game will challenge your strategic skills in multiple ways.

The game will not attract you with graphics, but the depth is enough to allow you to play longer than you expected.

Galaxy Marauder

Back in science fiction, but in the Galaxy Marauder, the action takes place in space itself. The game is reminiscent of the popular MMO Eve Online, but it has been greatly simplified and focuses on exciting battles between cool-looking spaceships. You can form a fleet of any one of 8 different categories, each category has its own advantages and disadvantages. With enough resources, you can upgrade each spaceship with equipment that best suits your gaming style. After that, it’s time to conquer the starry sky system!

Galaxy Reavers’ epic scale and visual effects make it one of the best real-time spatial strategies on mobile devices.

Battle of kings

Unfortunately, “War of the Kings” is only available on Android, but we cannot pass it. The game is an era of Empire, a mixture of Warcraft and Warhammer elements, all of which are twisted by moving prisms. You have different civilizations, there are dragons, orcs, basically, all the main components of fantasy RTS are combined into one.

Command hundreds of units and advance towards enemy bases, but be careful, because a burst of bloodthirsty warriors may also attack you. After hearing the real-time strategy, you will imagine this game, and it’s all on your phone!

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Prosperity beach

Boom Beach is a more typical mobile game, but still has some RTS elements. You placed your island and thousands of other players on the map, and were spared from their attacks when trying to build your own buildings and train troops. Once you think it’s time, free your army from the enemy’s beach and join the battle. It sounds simple, but the number of upgrades and army formations you can have makes it much more than it seems. The list of things you can unlock is almost endless, there are always some more powerful things to solve.

But be careful, “Boom Beach” may waste a lot of time, and its gameplay is addictive.

“The Art of War” 3

Finally, we have “The Art of War” 3. This is probably the most well-designed real-time strategy game for smartphones. Visual effects obviously don’t mean to be realistic, but they are still pleasing to the eye and the effect is outstanding. You can get a variety of buildings and units, and you can control all aspects of the game style, just like in RTS games made on PC. The interface is intuitive and easy to use: no tiny icons are difficult to press in battle chaos.

Outside the battlefield, there are many decisions to be made. From the campaign to the upgrade, everything is in your hands.

“Sunzi Art of War 3” provides the most comprehensive real-time strategy experience for mobile devices. Fortunately, the game is free.